HLL and misa...

Rainer Blome rainer@physik3.gwdg.de
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 19:10:09 +0200


thanks for taking the time to describe your project.

> well - hopefully that is a sufficient taste of the language!

a taste of air, you mean?.  for the technical level sometimes reached on
this list, you may well be a lot more concrete.

> is a concise, consistent, simple, powerful, concurrent, cross of CLOS,
> smalltalk, and scheme.

could you use more descriptive words?  powerful says nothing, consistent is
implied by simple and simple is implied by concise.  so all i can make out
so far is that you are building a concise concurrent lisp with some
smalltalk features

what feature did it inherit from what ancestor for what reason?

oops - i can see one more thing:

> `get' would be able to figure out what you were doing by the "types" of
> objects you supply to it.

this probably means that you are using the generic function approach.  big
loose, in my opinion.

eager to hear more about misa,