Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed, 1 Mar 95 19:45:39 MET

   I've updated the WWW pages again, and there's two patches available
(now version Sorry for the delay, but I've been deprived from
my modem by my mother going on holidays ;-)
Here is a changelog:
Merged in the UI WWW pages (thanks, Chris -- send me patches, please).
Added pages for i386 & OTOP projects
Began reviewing of C/C++ and LISP languages
Added syntactic Requirements for the HLL
Finished reviewing WhyNewOS part I, part II almost finished.
Filled somehow the metatranslator page and Ctranslator page,
Laid out correctly the example with the Sieve of Erathostene.
Minor changes everywhere.

I've also been:
* carefully reading Chris' UI pages. Neat. Not much to modify (but much to
* adding some old stuff to the mail archives
* correcting the automatic patch-making script. Now works 100% ok.
* downloading and reading lots of docs about other projects:
CECIL; linux kernel hacker's guide; various i386 protected mode sources;
Concurrent Agregates; Orca; Scheme.
* joining the NASM project to write a new i386 assembler, and trying to
convince people to write some modular stuff (intending using it as our
self-extending LLL !). I think I'll split as they seem to want to use ANSI C.
* modifying the i386 sources a little.