UI: Qs to get the ball rolling

Raul Miller rdr@legislate.com
Sun, 12 Mar 95 08:08 EST

I've a question about this proposed design:

	How does it scale?

When you've a large system, with pieces supplied by several vendors,
and part of it isn't working, how do you isolate the problem?

More generally: the less code does, the faster it runs.  However, you
still need to design what it does do.  So far, I've seen "it does
objects", (ok, I oversimplify a bit).

I'd feel a lot happier about this system if had something catchy about
it to catch interest (e.g. it's good for fast graphics games) up
front, and maybe something a bit more serious in the wings for later
(e.g. a WWW writing and scripting system).  [P.S. Anyone know how to
make a massive "pick items from list box" under WWW that can be
re-used in a number of different contexts? ?]

My 1.6 yen.

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