grouping (was: Version Numbers)

Rainer Blome
Tue, 9 May 1995 16:25:24 +0200

Jecel, you wrote

> Some objects will be common to several different extractions, so it
> would be best to make them into a module of their own ...
You're right, of course.  I just didn't bother going into more details.

> > Type Inference of Self: ...
> > I have not bothered reading that ... Maybe I'll get to read it now.
> This is a great paper - I recomend it. ...
Got it.  Yes, a most useful tool that is.

The (application-) extractor, the module system and the type inferencers
(inferrers? ;-) (static and run-time) seem to have a lot in common.  I
guess one of the reasons why they didn't exploit that (yet?) are the
limited reflective capabilities of Self.

A lot of the information (all those constraints, esp.) would not have to be
computed every time from scratch if Self featured reifications of notions
like types (which are sets of clone families), send sites, arguments and
(return) values.  Reification of every(?)  concept that programmers use
should be a requirement for Tunes.

Merlin is supposed to have a reflective architechture.  What did you plan
to include?