Writing an OS for PC

Erwann Corvellec Erwann.Corvellec@irisa.fr
Wed, 31 May 1995 10:22:21 +0200

     Kikoo Tunespepole !

   This is my first participation as I am discovering the Tunes project...
   Here's the problem:

On May 30,  8:34pm, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
> Subject: Re: Writing an OS for PC
> > I do agree that cooperation
> > can improve performance.
> > However, after dealing with Windows for so long, I am
> > really tired of "cooperation", where one task decides he's the only one
> > gets to make the CP wait for god knows how long.
>    Because Windows sucks, and windows development tools suck, because they
> are C based. Sure, there is no way to achieve fair cooperation using existing
> tools. This is why TUNES will get rid of these.

   Don't you how boring it is to reorganize your code just to do:
   for i:=0 to 100
   This is even more true in OO applications !

   Do you imagine yourself saying during the development of Tunes:
   "Well, the files managing team have finished their work, so the video
    managing team can start..."


   Cooperation between objects is important of course...
   But it must be cooperation, in terms of communication, between parallel
   tasks supervised (Is it english ? ;-) by the teams' manager (the OS...) !

   If you choose cooperation multitasking then Tunes is already dead !
   Or proove me the way you are going to implement such a concept in Tunes
   I mean in an efficient way ! That will not suck as you say ! ;-)


   Erwann Corvellec.
 Student & coder on PC (ASM, C, C++) & fond of LINUX V1.3 ;-D