Harrison R. Ulrich hrulrich@conline.com
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 07:17:28 -0500

Hello Marnix,

Spoken like a true OS hacker.

Seems that a good operating system would be one in tune with the times. It
sing sweet melodies of an event driven environment. Such an environment knows

        Job Inititiation
        Event Management
        Job Classes & Data Transformers
        Job Exporters
        Job Notification
        Resource Management
        Log Daemons,

How about a model for application building wherein you register these types of
components and hence it is ready to plug and play with the real world. As a
of fact how about an interpreter which is a vector language with lisp like
that knows all about the 'highway' and distributed computing.

The first time you used "cycles" to save a corrupt data content (behind the
on top of good content, I would want your butttttt!

Dick Ulrich