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Justin Sampson
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 16:20:20 -0800

Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
> I was convinced that the project could benefit from being released
> under the GNU Copyleft (General Public License, version 2)

The GPL was created for projects like this.

Someone else wrote:
> Just my two cents - I wouldn't use the GNU license if my life depended
> on it. Richard Stallman's philosophy is explicitly Communist - don't
> sanction his ideas by having anything to do with GNU.

Sounds like a good reason to support him... But, putting social politics
aside, computing freedom is one of the basic motivations behind Tunes;
everything about the Free Software Foundation seems exactly inline with
this project.

Eric Biederman wrote:
> This is good for code, (except maybe libraries) but for the matter of
> documents that we seem to generating in the review project the
> documents don't quit fit well under the same liscense.

As for libraries, the FSF also publishes a "GNU Library General Public
License." And documents published by the FSF are usually put under a
simple license, giving the copyright to the author and allowing free
distribution with no modification. That's probably what we want, too.

Chris Harris wrote:
> I'd have to say that I'm not quite so certain the GNU Public Licence
> is the best thing for TUNES. It does have advantages, as Fare has
> brought up, but I understand that it also has many "gotchas", such as
> making it difficult to get rid of the licence if the project
> eventually decides to take on a new direction.

That's not a "gotcha," that's the whole point of the GPL. Once the
software is free, no one can, or should, make it proprietary.

Chris continued:
> Perhaps we should wait to make this decision until we actually have
> some subproject that would directly benefit from it?

It may indeed be a good idea to hold off on the decision, at least until
there is actually something to be licensed.

By the way, the GPL and LGPL are available as and

On another topic, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> By no means forget to keep useful concepts, such as code, data,
> memory, etc. ;)

As I envision Tunes, we will get rid of those concepts! :)

- Justin Sampson - -