My TUNES Wish List -- are any of these doable now?

Chris Harris
Mon, 01 Apr 1996 18:15:34 -0800

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Hello TUNES people!

I've just made up a wish list of features I'd like to see in TUNES 
someday.  You can find the list both attatched to this message and 
a "".  I know 
that most of these things are talked about in one way or another 
on the TUNES pages, but I wanted to articulate what some of the 
most important parts of TUNES are to me.

If you people find anything on this list that you think would be 
good to start work on now, please let me know.  Writing documents 
is okay, but I think we'll need to do much more than that to get 
TUNES off the ground.  It's easy to convince people that a new OS 
would be cool; it is hard to make the new OS that is cool.  Do you 
think there's anything on my list that could be started now?  If 
so, any ideas how?



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Chris' Tunes Wish List


Ease of Use/Flexibility

(note: ease of learning isn't necesarily the same as this. We want the basic TUNES concepts to be simple enough that they are easy to learn, but we also want to reward further learning with ease of day-to-day use.)

(a package, in my mind, is whatever the base unit of tunes software will be -- be it an "object", a "world", ...)





On a network of Tunes systems, I want to be able to log in anywhere and have the same look and feel that I get when I log in at home, or at least to have this true to the highest extent possible. If, at home, I have a teal blue desktop background, four applications running with a web browser window above everything else, I want to go to anywhere else in the world and see the closest approximation of this possible. Perhaps I'd be logged into a text system, and so I'd only be able to see one app at a time, or perhaps some apps wouldn't be availible, because of the lack of graphics. But to the highest extent possible, everything would be the same.

A Reasonable Price Tag


As cool as TUNES will be, it will be a long time (if not forever) before we get enough software to support regular, day-to-day computing. In the mean time, can we support some existing software standard?  (POSIX? Win32?)