Lief Clennon
Tue, 02 Apr 96 03:12:28 PST

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996 06:43:31 GMT+2 wrote:

>Dearest Tunespeople..
>You guys are worse than Microsoft.
>At least MS occasionally deliver! You just talk.

Well, I'm not going to agree with this. Tunes is a revolutionary
project, and I wish it well; I think it's a GOOD thing that it's being
talked about so much. Bill Gates didn't talk enough; that's why many
people are still stuck with the FAT file system, which he and some
friends invented over dinner. If they had talked a bit more about it,
and other things, the state of things would be different now.

Unfortunately, I don't feel that I have anything to contribute to
Tunes at the moment, and the occasional deluge of email from the
mailing list is usually deleted without being read. Due to a hard
drive failure, I lost the original message telling my how to
unsubscribe from the list; could anyone tell me what to send where to

Lief Clennon
(And, until Tunes, I'll live with OS/2.) :)