Fri, 5 Apr 1996 18:43:08 -0500 (EST)

On some network somewhere in cyberspace, Dr. J. Van Sckalkwyk transmitted:
> Precisely. You cannot build an OS using bricks made of shit, and that 
> unfortunately seems to be what most non-assembly programmers are 
> trying to do! I believe that what we should do is FIRST cut 
> everything to the bone, define the minimum (core) of "symbolic 
> assembly language" instructions that we need (some of which might 
> appear strangely "high level"!!), implement some sort of microkernel,
> THEN define our "HLL" goals and system considerations, [e.g. pre-
> emptive multitasking, polymorphism, encapsulation..] and go for it! 
> Ultimately we would have lower levels that are completely transparent 
> to high-level weenies, and that are readily legible and modifiable 
> should real human beings want to fix things. 
> [Or am I in a minority of one?]
  No, there's at least two of us here.  

  -spc (You need a solid foundation if you wish to build anything 
	significant ... )