A final, short gentle comment..

Michael Hooker michael@aic.net.au
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 21:23:37 +1000

spc@gate.net wrote:

>   Personally, I feel you'd (Fare and the other HLL people) be better off
> defining the HLL, and maybe implimenting it under an existing system, and
> leave the OS portion till you've hashed out what you want in the HLL and the
> OS.

I must say I agree here I would really like to see the reflective functional lazy
object oriented everything under the sun language, even wouldnt mind starting to 
use it, The list on the web pages covers most all I could think of in a language
and a top down approach would allow us to see the best bits happen first and worry
about getting rid of the dirty animal underneath later :)