Dr. J. Van Sckalkwyk (External) SCHALKW@odie.ee.wits.ac.za
Fri, 12 Apr 1996 21:36:11 GMT+2

Dear Tunespeople

Jecel (for whom I have immense respect, both because of his 
articulate communication and obvious comprehensive grasp of "low 
level" programming) wrote:

The base semantics (BS) is what every program can count on.
Ah! But that's the problem. Fare has NO BS. Period. If there is a 
common level, (??) it's somewhere way up in the so-called HLL.

miss a chance to generate good code on CPUs that have this
as a single instruction. If you do 3D graphics "by hand"
in your application, putting a hardware accelerator won't
help at all.
Which is why it is SO important to define your minimum necessary BS
as accurately as possible. This is what we should be talking about 
(after we shoot Fare)!

There is a level of code that should be communication
protocol independent. And a level that has to deal
with the details. A level that is storage system
independent, and a level that is not. A clean interface
between them is the most important aspect of an OS
Hear, hear!

Bye, JVS.