Towards release

Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 01:06:32 +0000 (GMT)

* project state
* call for help
* a word about the HLL

Dear Joyous Tunespeople,
   it seems that promised 0.0.1 ain't here yet: the LLL still
isn't operational at all. But there is enough additions and changes
so that five usual releases could have been done. So I'll publish a before the end of the week.
   The current .tgz archive (total: ~435K) is accessible from the WWW pages:
which have been updated accordingly. If you "make patch" from the previous
release, it'll be ~227K compressed.

   If anyone has time for it, I'd appreciate a PC hacker to handle the
LLL/i386 subproject while I'm doing the LLL/OTOP project. A LLL/OTOP hacker
would also be useful. As usual, you can choose any other subject and any
other language you like for some work, as long as you're ready to translate
it to whatever the Tunes HLL will be.

   As for the HLL, I think that because of its experimental
nature, it needs lots of testing (and hence, a working underlying LLL)
before it can be rigorously defined.
   I'll have to inspect the Agora stuff more, but I know of no high-level
cleanly reflective language yet.
   I consider the dynamically defined annotation mechanism as the basis to the
HLL, and propose actual LLL code as the first defined implementation for it.
The, through reflection, code can be built to use assoc lists, hash tables,
lambda terms, lazy objects, etc.

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