New OS idea

Enrique Pessoa Xavier
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:56:20 -0200


>   If you mean that a hardware-based implementation is required
>for the above agreed features, I utterly disagree.
>   I see absolutely NO REASON why this would have to be done in hardware,
>without any software cooperation, through MMU-based memory protection and
>interrupt-driven task preemption.
>   Actually, I see ALL REASONS why it CAN'T be done in hardware, only in

How do you intend to do index manipulation?
It can be to expensive to check the bound of the program area to every
memory access (ok, I know that this is the dumbest way) or even to check
that bound on every indexed pointer aritmetic.
There is some way to eliminate at compiling time the need for checking it ?

It couldn't force the language to be so restrictive ?

Enrique Pessoa Xavier