Let's continue to work (I'm only starting)

Enrique Pessoa Xavier enrique@labma.ufrj.br
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 08:58:34 -0200

How are you, Tunes developing people?

Ok, I will say what I think about the Tunes project:
It's much important for the "democratic" use of the computer.

I think the easyest way to make it lunch is to work On Top of an
existing operacional system.
An important behaviour it may have is to hide the existance of programs.
Funcionalities and a workplace.
Modularity is another important design issue.
And the funcionality characteristic is totaly based in modularity.

I understand that the project is more ambicious than that, but...

The tools we have today give us the hability to build a modular system
without changing a lot of operacional concepts.
What about building a modular system?
After that, to add funcionalities/facilities should be too easy that
everyone could help to develop the system.
Everyone has to be able to contribute to the system development,
in a way that at some time everyone will have the posibility to
develop while using the computer for anything. I mean that the
"text" that one writes will have the right to be a system improvement.

Ok, the rest of the thoughts goes someday after.

**: Don't be ashame to point my english errors.
    I ask you for do it for me.
    Please help me to write a better english.
    You are not forced to do it, feel free.

Enrique Pessoa Xavier