Eric W. Biederman
27 Sep 1996 19:03:51 -0500

>>>>> "Skip" == Skip Livingston <> writes:

Skip> 	I would just like to know how I can get involved with the Tunes
Skip> project. I have been reading about for quite some time and would like
Skip> to become an active participant in the OS project.

I love/hate tunes simultaneously, so I may not be the best person to
answer this one, but I'll try.  

First some background:
Tunes embodies a very beautiful dream of an operating system, and a
language.  The conclusion that the existing languages are inadequate
or don't fit the needs of tunes, makes actually writing tunes
difficult.  As there is no _langauge_ to write it in!  Working with
tunes though is quite educational.  So don't expect things anytime
real soon.  For perspective the hurd which is now finally runnable has
been under construction for 5+ years.

What you need to do:
Find an area of tunes that you think you can handle working on, and
set off and work on it.  Talking on the lists should is fine, and
necessary to some extent but be aware that tunes has a bad problem of
being all talk and no code :(  So basically you can ignore the talk if
it gets in your way.  Everthing is GPL'd anyway so the code shouldn't
go to waste if it doesn't find a place in the eventual outcome of

Oh and be aware of the semi tunes rule.  If you code it in a language
that isn't the HLL be prepared to recode it someday.  I'm taking a
break from tunes for a while and working on dosemu so it won't be a
real priority for myself for a while.  Hopefully we can create a LLL
that we can garbage collect!

Later and Good Luck,