Fare Rideau
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 20:20:56 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear Tunesers,
   here are a few points:
* I've released; still nothing running, though.
 Usual place:
* I've downloaded the Flux OS kit 0.6 (from Nemo's mirror;
 the 1.0 release is still pending from, and reading the docs.
* I want a more open development for Tunes, and will develop a system
 for automatic patching every week, as well as parallel development
 through weekly synchronized patches.
 patch-2.4 needed (bugs in earlier versions).
* is still not up, neither is;
 help/suggestion welcome.
* I'd like to organize a Tunes party, for those of you who would happen
 to be in Paris in late September. Mostly the french Tunesers, for sure,
 but that's a start...
* I'm lagging with the report for my DEA (needed to begin my thesis
 next year). A reflective proof system for a pure functional language
 with Scheme-ishp syntax...
* If I finish my report in time, I might tour to the States from the 15th
 of August on...

Have a nice summer, and good hacking.

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