open development (was: MACISTE)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 17:24:48 -0300

Fare Rideau wrote:
> [...a lot of neat stuff deleted ...] 
> Of course, in both cases, research aspects make it difficult to bootstrap
> the open development of the system; however, my feeling is that allowing
> and promoting such development should be the #1 priority.
> Maybe the venerable Jacques Pitrat is too old to change his priorities;
> we are not.

It is very hard to keep things in the open. Look at the
FluxOSKit as another example of this.

I was having this problem (nobody could see what I was doing
for I was waiting until it "was ready") so I went to the other
extreme: everytime I save a new version of tinySelf (using RCS)
it is instantly made available for downloading over the web
(see There are no
stable versions for now, but later I will have the lastest
version of all *and* the lastest stable version available to

-- Jecel