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Jano John Akim Franke
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:51:39 +0100

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| date: 1997-03-14T18:47
| I'm just beginning to think at how we could make our web site better.
| One problem I have with it, is that some pages (like Language and OSes
| Review, Glossary) become very big. [...]

You did not explicitly mention the problem. I think you mean that
downloading the hole page takes a while and you would like to have the user
a faster access to a specific information. So one should think about which
solution serves this requirement without the hype of having a CGI-script
because it is neat but maybe having the effect of wasting human resources
:-) .

| However, I have a problem with this idea. Suppose we change the glossary
| to this database way of requesting things, how will we modify all the
| pages that uses the HREF Glossary.html#term to access the database?

These will probably translate to [...] Glossary.html?request=term [...] or
something like this. So maybe easy automatic transition to the new
request-format is possible trough a simple search & change-function.

Kun afablaj salutoj

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