New page about Virtual Machines

William Tanksley
Mon, 19 May 1997 11:05:24 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Fare Rideau wrote:

> Dear people on the LispVM, OS DeViLs, and Tunes mailing list.

No mortituri te salutamus...  :)

>    because I couldn't find any generic page on virtual machines,
> I've just created one under the Tunes Review subproject:

Thank you!  Everyone working on OS projects either owes a debt of 
gratitude to Fare' or should.


> It's currently almost empty, which is precisely why I'm hereby asking you
> to contribute text and pointers.

May I suggest the Juice format/VM, as described on  Juice is a portable code structure which 
could be said to store a dataflow tree as might be created by a powerful 
compiler.  Source code is available.  It's made to work with Oberon, but 
it's designed  to be mostly language-independant, except that the 
language must have GC, runtime typing capability, and so on.  I'm VERY 
impressed; it makes portable code verification and native code generation 
almost EASY.

I think that this would be something for the LispOS people to consider; 
however, I know almost nothing about LispOS, and the only page I could 
find is almost totally empty :(.  It appeared to be using a broken 
ActiveX control of some sort (WHAT!  Designing a real OS, and using a 
broken one?!?).  ;-)

I'm on too many mailing lists as it is, but I suspect that I'd love to 
know more about LispOS.  Emails are welcome.

> == Fare'