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>Pls pass this around to show the world how cruel are these Indonesian
> Nica
>i receive this from my friend.
>Hi, this is Audra. I have a news from Penang (a state in Malaysia).
>There are some Chinese Indonesian just a arrived in Penang.
>They said many things that are now happening in Indonesia.
>We don't know much cause, their people trying to cover up everything.
>The reason of doing all that is because they don't like the CHINESE
>Most of them are so lazy to work.
>These are what they are still doing beside rape, steal, burn;
>1) They force their father to rape their daughter.
>2) They force their brother to rape their sister.
>3) They record everything into VCD.
>4) They take pictures of them to put into the Internet.
>5) They pretending to be soldiers in the day. Putting red,
>    green & blue cross at each house.
>    Red   = Burn.
>    Green = There are some more to rape.
>    Blue  = There are some more to steal.
>At night, they will change & do all the stealing, raping & burning.
>6) They are in a group. Someone is behide all these.
>    Someone is giving away $6 US to rape a Chinese Indonesian.
>7) A university student of chinese now lying in a Singapore
>    hospital, after operation to remove her uterus was carried out.
>    The extensive damage to the uterus was a results of brutal rape
>    by a group of horny pribumis after being possessed by Allah,
>    using bottles & sticks into her vagina causing extensive damage.
>8) 5000 Chinese Indonesian was died.
>9) The Chinese Indonesian think that the Jakarta-President
>    B.J. Habibie is trying to cover up everything.
>10) Many of them are pregnant.
>      The people who are still there must have no more money to leave
>that place. If other country would not want to help them. I guess,
>they got to wait for   them to repeat the same thing over & over
>again. As a human, we need to help them spread these new to all
>over the world cause, they don't have any other way to call for help. I
>think the post office had close cause my Indonesian maid had sent
>letter back & had waited for a few months. I believe there are people in
>this world who can help them. All we need to do is try our best by
>using the Internet. Yesterday I went to the New Group. I read a lot
>how the Indonesian people scolded the Chinese. I read about what they
>think of the VCD. They like to see how the blood (Virgin) came
>out...They said,  they are so fare & ... There are 8 mens with one girl.
>However, all are written in Bahasa Indonesia. That is why, only the
>people know more about what they are doing. I believe most of them
>won't take the time to spread the news to other country. These is only
>part of it.
>   I really hope you all can help me.
>   PLEASE GO TO  -  http://www.huaren.org
>   Just to know what is happening.
>   Audra.
>Nica Foo      :)
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