RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 12:12:33 +0800

> It has come up on the IRC channel the question of whether the project has
> direction.  A suggestion is that there needs to be some code.  So,
> specifically, should I work on programming code for tunes?  Right now I
> have a tiny fragment of code that doesn't do much.  I put off working on
> it so I can spend more time studying concepts.  I am willing to split my
> time between programming and learning if there are some opinions given
> that lean in that direction.
No opinion here, except to keep sending feedback.  I really need you guys,
even if just to be an audience to keep me in-line and self-conscious.  I'm
currently working out what code to include in my c-program for the operators
and meta-structure and the book-keeping code and such.  It'd be a help if
someone lent me some c-code for a persistent large-scale 32-bit
protected-mode environment, using either dos, windows, or linux.  I'm
particularly hoping to get the code from some previously-developed system,
to avoid duplicating efforts.  The code that I have right now is basically
just a hacked version of what you have, with the operators having names
instead of numbers and the objects being arrows (still numbered starting at
1 with 0 reserved).  It also uses a message format like 'push copy 0 (3,4)'
to put a new arrow on the stack of arrows whose tail points to 3 and whose
head points to 4.  There's a lot to clean up, and a lot of prototype code
commented out, and it's not yet persistent, and the memory size is still
tiny, and I haven't made any real interface improvements yet.