the ARROW language

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 18:48:44 +0600

> a graphical representation for the black box would be some sort of
> container representation, such as a 2-dimensional window pane (perhaps
> translucent or transparent rather than opaque) displayed in some sort of
> 2.5 or 3 dimensional coordinate system (with a landscape).
> the type of interface which i have thought of using would be a simple
> windowing interface without overlapping panes, perhaps with a small, fixed
> number of columns.  it would be similar to an oberon system, perhaps, with
> a text window in one corner for debugging or something.
i just want to clarify that the panes from the first paragraph are to be
geometrical objects rendered within the after-mentioned panes.  the point is
a grouping mechanism within the 'view' of the world (or some locale of it).