Obliq is an untyped distributed 'object calculus' language

Paul Dufresne dufrp@oricom.ca
Sat, 16 May 1998 05:18:55 +0400

You remember how I was speaking in praise of Cardelli's "oject calculus".
I have discovered that he (Cardelli) have made a distributed language using
the untyped version of his calculi.

This language is Obliq and it is distributed with Modula-3.
I have downloaded a paper explaining more about this language, maybe I
will write a summary for the review's languages page.

Now I am not sure at all it will be in the version of Modula-3 for
DOS(DGJPP) so I doubt I will be able to get it, and even less to get it
running on my little 386sx.

But at least I can look at exemples. If I have been able to get someone
to try it I'd like to hear about it.

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