David Manifold
Tue, 19 May 1998 04:03:23 +0000 (GMT)

I have the sudden urge to post.

Anyone care to help me make:

- Interactive updates of the Review page.  Then everyone can work on the
Review page through the web, even if they are not a member of the project.
Each review will be placed in a database.  The web user can obtain reports
such as "list all OS that have reflection" or "show a chart of reviewed
languages comparing their modularity, persistence, and copyright".

- Questionnaire to find what the most important features in an OS are.
I have a list of features that I want to put on the questionnaire.  Please
recommend any other features that you think are as important as these to
put on the questionnaire.  Then we will put the survey on the web and
allow anyone to choose their priorities of features.  It will keep a
running tally of percentage favored for each feature.  My idea is to prove
that "efficiency" is not as important as OS designers have made it out to
be.  We need to do this because TUNES' philosophy is that performance is
good, but there are a bunch of things that are required before performance
should be striven for.  I think most of us (in the project) intuitively
know this, but I want to prove it.

Here's my initial list (in order of my preference):
* Easy and fun to use, learn, and program
* Powerful but simple
* Compatible
* Secure and stable
* Customizable
* Free - anyone can do anything they want with no restriction
* Up-to-date - all the latest features, hardware, and tools
* Networking
* Help and support
* Diversity of applications
* Commercially available
* Performance and space consumption

David Manifold <>