FW: End thread on machine models?

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 BRice@vinson.navy.mil
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 10:19:37 -0800

>OK I like your shapes idea.  I'm having a hard time understanding your
>explanations of your bootstrapping ideas.  Maybe it would be easier to
>stop discussing it and get to work?
>Sure.  I'm in the process of installing RedHat Linux 5.1 to replace Win98 on
>my laptop, so I might use Ansi-C / Posix / X11 and the Linux features instead
>of Ansi-C / Win32 and its inconsistencies to aid in development.
>There are still a lot of things to discuss before the code crystallizes, even
>though I've written and discarded a lot of quick C-programs already, trying
>to work some ideas out.
>I'm going underway in a few days (next Friday), so I'll be quite busy
>preparing for the next six months until then.
>By the way, how shall we begin this thread?  We obviously need to discuss
>initial object-representation in memory, as well as how to encode orthogonal
>persistence, all while maintaining semantic simplicity. more later...