Good Reading for tunes-like ideas

Billy Tanksley
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 09:13:23 -0800

First of all, my apologies for using a substandard email client.  My
company's Exchange server just did something to screw up POP access
(such as it is), so even that isn't available.


I was looking through the Tunes pages again when I noticed, in the VM
section, the description of ANDF.  I didn't notice this before because I
knew nothing about ANDF, but you're TOTALLY panning it.  Why?  You call
it 'very low level'.  In fact, it's the same basic level as
Juice/SlimBinaries.  Should this review be reworked?  This is especially
important now that ANDF (unlike the other VMs) is available as open
source with a BSD-style license and C libraries.

ANDF does have problems, but they're quite specific.