Christopher R. Barry cbarry@2xtreme.net
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 23:40:01 -0800

I prefer Allegro CL over CMUCL on Linux and it is what I mainly use.
Believe me: CLIM definately doesn't come with it. There is no academic
or trial licensing for Allegro CLIM. You pay several grand and you get
what you pay for. It's distributed as source, which is really nice.


Marc Santoro wrote:
> Hmm, Re: Allegro CL
> There is a free 'license' for ACL for Linux users, and this might include
> CLIM. I dont believe you are allowed to write commercial software or
> redistribute the runtime with this license, unfortunately.
>  On Tue, 24 Nov
> 1998, Christopher R. Barry wrote:
> > Common Lisp is vastly more powerful than Dylan, and Harlequin is one of
> > the largest Common Lisp vendors. Recently Harlequin fired a number of
> > the people they hired away from Symbolics, and appear to be
> > restructuring.
> >
> > On the Mac with the MacOS, you can get Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL),
> > which is about the nicest commercial Lisp there is, and certainly the
> > most cost-effective. I recently asked on comp.lang.lisp about the
> > cheapest way to get my hands on the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM)
> > for Linux, and the only way is to buy a several thousand dollar
> > commercial license from Allegro (same applies to Windows). The cost of
> > Allegro's license is more than what a nice G3 Mac with an MCL (with full
> > CLIM) subscription would cost. So if you got a Mac, you've got the most
> > attractive platform for Common Lisp development there is.
> >
> > Christopher
> >