on the HAL-9000

David Jeske jeske@home.chat.net
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:22:24 -0700

Important typo correction:

On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 at 04:54:24PM -0700, David Jeske wrote:
> I don't think these factors are so 'trivial'. For example, a compiler
> may be able to choose between less space efficient but faster, or more
> space efficient and slower, and I'm not talking about trading off the
> amount of time to compile, but things like code arrangement, cache
> boundaries, locality, etc. In fact, it may be trading off between
> making 'xyz' chunk of code faster or 'yz' chunk faster, knowing that
                                  'ayz' /

> only three pieces can fit in the I cache.

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