about tunes, merlin, and all that...

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 BRice@vinson.navy.mil
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 18:30:18 -0700

>> > Speaking of Cat's Cradle, is anyone here familiar with the concept of a
>> > 'karass'?
>> No, but looking it up on the internet it seems to be some kind of mystical
>> relationship between a group of people who are otherwise unconnected?
>Yes, Brian, can you enlighten us?
Bokononism, in Cat's Cradle, is known to be a religion of deliberate
lies, only to show religions as lies.  One of its ideas about people is
the notion of categorizing in terms of 'karasses', where the knowledge
of the purpose of the karass is relatively unavailable to the individual
within it.  The purpose is God's intent according to Bokononism, of
course, which is a lie itself.  The karass usually consists of people
relatively separated by the usual standards, i.e. its identity is far
less obvious than the false karasses such as 'we are both christians' or
'we are both adults' or 'we are both from Utah'.
>> > I was just casually wondering if our projects, though
>> > separate in some respects, are intended to do something meaningful in
>> > the grand scheme of things.
>> I have seen you mention your project in the last email or two, but it
>> hasn't been too clear for me when your were talking about it or about
>> Tunes.

Actually, I'm not too concerned about 'of which project I speak'.  The
projects will probably only emerge as being distinct due to our
development path(s).  Let what will be, be what it (they) may.
>We haven't decided about the relationship between TUNES and Brian's
>(unnamed?) project yet.  I think that's a good way to frame the discussion
>that needs to take place:  We are trying to decide whether or not the two
>projects will be separate.  What information do we have to have to decide

Yes, the project is particularly lacking in a name (any suggestions?).
The information you seek is probably equivalent to the social closure of
the information regarding 'Well, I would like this feature to be
available' or 'I believe people will better benefit from this feature'
over the course of the 'pre-release' development.  I for one, however,
do not consider 'release' an atomic event of which to speak.  'Release'
to the public will be relative to each person's viewpoint, taking the
form of 'when the project reaches (begins to affect) me'.