help wanted: playground construction

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 18:19:18 -0700

I'm sure everyone here is familiar with my idea to develop a core of
reflective logical theories (call it an AI, call it a reflective object
system, call it a rose, it still smells the same) on top of a program
written in Ansi-C in a static way (much like an embryo which is not

The idea is to create a playground of theories (I mean mathematical
semantics systems) to experiment with object systems where the intent is
to see what sorts of things can be done to reflect and develop systems
incrementally that describe things.  A possible development direction
after this could be to 'port' the playground to hardware by small steps.
 This, I think, should be done by successively 'porting' the system onto
state-machines which are objects created in the system to model types of
hardware (=real stuff).  The stages would be defined by the level of
abstraction of the models from the base hardware (real stuff).

Anyway, I need help both to specify the environment's necessary basic
services (like persistence) and to implement and test the system.