unifying paths

Dan Bethe dtm@hex.net
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 03:16:32 -0600 (CST)

	One thing I'm not sure on is how to create terminology.  We're
doing several separate projects now, and we don't know if all of us are
even on the same road or not!  We're sure of many common end results and
ideals though.
	And I'm sure I've come up with my own universal languages for
things in nature.  I have words, phrases, projects, or URL's to song
lyrics that always work in all situations I care about.  Things like
"abstraction" and "modules", and mostly generic unix-like stuff.  I can
relate unix to just about anything, because it's made up of lots of
succinct small pieces with simple rules on their relationships.
	But I might not be sure how I came about this!  Lots and lots and
lots of examples, I know that!  I did lots of homework, the bulk of which
was learning what not to do.  :-/
	Ok I'll leave the pinpoint linguistic science to the professors
here, who are experts in many programming languages! 
	I invite anyone to validate (compare/contrast/etc) the open
concepts I'm tossing out here. 

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