Reflecting on reflective computing.

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 06:39:46 +0100

Oops, forgot to say:

>>>>: David Jeske 19981023
>>>: Fare Rideau 19981026
>>: David Jeske 19981026
>: Fare Rideau 19981030

>>>> - provide information hiding for all entities. OO has [...]
>>> Information hiding is EVIL. Noise removal is GOOD. "OO" is noise.
>> Can you explain this distinction or point me to an explanation?
> This is a distinction of Utility; see my "Why New OS" paper.
> It's called Information when it's useful; hiding it is ceasing
> to make it available, which is EVIL.
> It's called Noise when it gets in the way; removing it is GOOD
> (force keeping it would be EVIL).
Of course, what is useful and what isn't cannot generally
be decided statically. Again, deciding dynamically what to make explicit
(because it's considered useful) and what to make implicit (because
it's considered noisy) is precisely what Reflection is about.

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