Re (2): Is LispOS project dead?

Richard Coleman
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:28:37 -0400

> ))Is LispOS project dead?
> )It appears so.  It used to be at, but that domain no longer
> )exists. 
> )Maybe you could contact Richard Coleman <> to
> )find out?  I think he was the project leader.
> While lurking on the Tunes archive, I come on a message about LispOS.
> I was curious to know how things were going on with this project that
> share some common features with Tunes, so I decided to go see on the
> web page of LispOS, and found that the mailing list was officially dead
> since May 1998. 
> I realize it is not much funny to talk about project that was abandoned, but
> I guess I'd like to know what did go wrong. Is that there it was not enough
> people to do it? If you could make a carbon-copy of your answer to
>, I suppose others people at Tunes would like to know too.

The project died due to lack of time and people.  I believe some
of the people are still working on smaller projects that grew
out of the early discussions.

Richard Coleman