hacking together Tunes vice formal analysis

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 BRice@vinson.navy.mil
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 03:09:57 -0800

this scepticism with which you have been hammering me is becoming very
annoying.  i don't want to argue about any of these issues with you, since
(taking kerby as an example) you seem to understand the concepts yourselves
(epistemically), but merely chase the argument around a tree named
"semantics".  my point about using arrows is NOT to use them as
computational objects, but as formalisms for expressing system semantics.
arrows are for formalizing concepts that are now vague.

let me state this.  before you ask a question, READ THE DRAFT.  i didn't
spend the last three to four months of my life on that paper just to listen
to and answer your ignorant questions with the same conceptual ammunition.
i don't think that your viewpoints are invalid, its just that you have to
put some EFFORT into your thoughts before discussing something on which i
have worked so hard.

i have to add that i agree with Maneesh: Tunes is about abstract concepts
for computing, not about writing some magical whamodyne program (or OS) that
will be the magical "cure-all" for computer systems.  if everyone here wants
to sell _snake oil_ (as it seems) then i will gladly leave the project,
continue my research work and paper-writing, and find some group of
programmers or college students who are willing to try my ideas.

if you don't read the paper, then don't ask questions of me!  this is simply
insulting.  i know that none of us are professionals with respect to this
project, but we can't pretend to be working on a project with such strange
goals and think that common sense is going to lead us there!