Maude: a tower-reflective meta-language

Paul Dufresne
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:59:25 -0400

Now understanding better about reflection, thanks to "A Lisp, Looking
Through the Looking Glass", I came back to Maude manual to discover
that Maude too is of the kind reflective-tower, not just flat-reflective.

And according to the Manual, "...the most interesting application of this
module are metalanguage applications, in which Maude is used to define
the syntax, parse, execute, and pretty-print the execution results of
a given object language or tool."

So, it looks like to me that very recents language like Maude already
have most of what we'd like to implement in a Scheme-like language,
except it is not based on Lambda-calculus but on a rewriting-logic.

It has tower-reflection, GC (I think), persistence.

Now I need to get an implementation running on my computer and begin
to play with this, although it is not an easy language, I have trouble
with the evaluation strategy, I seems to never guess the results of
the examples of the manual rightly.

I also found that part of the manual is a good prerequisite for
the reading of "A crash course of Arrow Logic", that is itself
a prerequisite for Brian Arrow System. :-)