Maybe not?

David Vennik
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 05:55:58 +1100

Well, it seems that right at the moment everyone's on holidays.

I was rather interested in this project, but I think that you guys are
focussing too much on languages. There's enough of these about. I used
to feel the same way about english actually. Other than learn a couple
of imaginary or historic alphabets I never even got to the point of
learning another language (But I will learn spanish one of these days).

Perhaps I'm just taking a more pragmatic focus here. We do want
metaprogramming to exist. Perhaps I should just shut my critical mouth
and be thankful that somebody's working seriously on it, and that those
sombodies won't charge anybody a fee to use the programs that come out
of the project.

All this talk of politics and computer systems that I got a good gist of
in Fare's numerous writings, and pretty much solely paid attention to
got my anarchic mind buzzing, thinking about what marvellous
anti-authority activities that a really stable multi-tasking modular
system that distributes processing almost as simply as it shares code
would enable. But then that's typical of me.

Keep up the good work. Free open sourced software is the way of the