UCSD P-System Museum

Ekkehard Morgenstern emorgens@prs-gmbh.de
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 16:09:31 +0100

Hi Alan,

> Here is something cool, It's the predecessor to Java. It needs to be in the
> Tunes review project. It might also serve as a guide for producing the F-CPU
> processor! :)

Nope, the P-System was _not_ the first virtual machine. BCPL's INTCODE machine
was (1967). :)
Refer to the BCPL links on my homepage ( http://flnca.homepage.nu ) for further

I've also written a virtual machine on a boring weekend, called VM3.
You can download it from my page. Read the readme file that comes with VM3 to
learn how it's operated.
It contains a machine monitor with integrated assembler/disassembler & monitor
and it's possible to load/save and run programs.
Some basic I/O facilities are provided.