New Project Coordinator Introduction

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 22:32:53 +0300

i'd rather that they asked or informed me of this, even though i'm a
relative newcomer.  i feel that i have a big investment now in how this
project turns out.  this also is not the first time that i have been snubbed
in this group.  you'd better listen to all of us, not merely the
establishment, if you don't expect me to take this as an insult.

> I'm only here to help, and I know some of you have concerns for
> the project, so... lets hear em.

the web pages certainly need some major overhauling.  most of the content is
political and academic, and although that is the main impetus behind Tunes,
it's certainly not appropriate for the average novice as an introduction.
the Tunes name itself, i believe, is entirely uninspiring and almost
derogatory.  i obviously don't have the pull myself to change the minds of
the establishment myself, though.  i see this project as needing an entirely
different outlook by the time that four months passes from now, if my
development progresses as i plan.  we need to inspire people, not mire them
in criticism for current systems.  the entire ontological perspective of
these people is completely bogus for making "converts".

this project is going to go public soon, if i have my way.  if i don't, then
i will go public myself as a separate effort and leave this project's
destructive philosophies behind.  these people have no idea of the
implications inherent in this project, and they have much less an idea how
to propagate them.

i am unfortunately in no position yet to manage a project with more than a
few people, due to my present location near Iraq onboard an aircraft carrier
for the next several months.  when the time comes around, however, i intend
to make good on my words (i.e. web site, associated commercial effort,
advertising, spurring academic discussion, etc.).

if you would like more specific thoughts, then ask away per the subject.
however, judging from how poorly the others have received my efforts, i
don't expect you to make any effort to listen to me.