Ignored 'finished' Tunes components

Tril dem@tunes.org
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 09:46:14 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999 dufrp@oricom.ca wrote:

> Do you remember Tunes kernel presented here some months ago?

Ok. I mailed Basile about KUT.  If he wants to continue it, I'm sure some
people on IRC would be willing to help debug it. 

> Do you remember the program to translate from one language to an other
> some weeks ago?
> You know the one presented in "Don't panic!" messages?
> It seems the author was convinced it was such a great thing that we
> should have panicked to see that someone was able to do that alone but
> it seems no one even looked at these.

Yes.. someone should look at it!  Along with all the other things we need
to look at.  There is much to do but no volunteers.  In the IRC channel
and here everyone agrees we need a list of tasks.  (We also need to
reorganize the subprojects around some of these tasks, and this should be
discussed in the IRC meeting tomorrow)  Until a better solution for a TODO
list can be reached, I have set up an ad-hoc TODO list on TunesWiki.


Anyone is welcome to add jobs they would like to see done!  For help using
Wiki formatting please see http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?TextFormattingRules

Also, if you don't like Wiki then send email to this list, or to me, or to
Beholder <beholder@tunes.org> with suggestions of things to add on the
TODO list, or things on the list you can volunteer for!

> I should admit that I didn't took time to look at those, but I was
> expecting to see some comments about these programs on tho list. 
> Just curious to know if those programs had some value despite the fact
> that they were unexpected.

Thanks for bringing them up again.  The authors deserve attention which
this project hasn't been able to give yet.

David Manifold <dem@tunes.org>
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