Prism Conclusion: Applicability to TUNES

Laurent Martelli
12 Jan 1999 00:35:27 +0100

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Little <> writes:

    Jim> For those of you who have been ignoring my essays (up to now,
    Jim> anyway), Prism, in brief, is a programming technique intended
    Jim> to reduce the complexity of software development through the
    Jim> use of "domain abstraction."  Simply put, domain abstraction
    Jim> is the act of programming in a high-level language rather
    Jim> than a low-level language.

I would rather say that domain abstraction is the act of programming
at the _right_ level considering the domain you are dealing with. If
you are programming the memory management of an OS, you'll do
low-level things, but that does not prevent you from using using
domain abstractions, which will be virtual and physical adresses for

    Jim> * Applicability to TUNES *

    Jim> I haven't noticed an astounding level of interest in Prism
    Jim> thus far.  :) However, I think Prism could be extremely
    Jim> useful to the TUNES community.  There's two ways in which it
    Jim> may be used -- as a specification tool, and as a development
    Jim> platform.

Domain abstractions have been in my mind for a long time now. But
belonging to several mailing lists with a rather high traffic
prevented me from reading with sufficient attention your mails. 

    Jim> Well, I hope I've piqued somebody's interest.  I've received
    Jim> very few responses to my Prism essays -- in fact, I could
    Jim> count the respondents on the thumbs of my hands. :) I'm not
    Jim> sure if this is because of I'm explaining things poorly, or
    Jim> you're not interested, or some other factor.

I'll try to have a look at them, but I must say that I am a little
buusy those days.