Glossary Entry on Persistance

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 18:33:35 +0200

On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 04:48:31PM -0700, James Sawyer wrote:
> In attempting to 
> 	See Claus Reinke's page
> <> 	about
> persistence
> I find it humorously ironic that either it isn't, hasn't, or doesn't.
Oops. I recently corrected the URL on my page on languages,
but forgot the one in the Glossary.
That'll be fixed by tomorrow in the official page.
Meanwhile, you can check the new location:
(well, was there last time I checked).
Claus is a nice guy, too! Maybe you can make the same remark to him...

> However The Glossary, and its surrounding project, is most compelling.
> Therefore, my next email contains the word subscribe.
Just out of curiosity (actually, for marketing feedback ;-),
how did you happen to read these pages?


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