Hackers needed

Pat Wendorf beholder@ican.net
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 23:51:14 -0500

The following message is an excerpt from a message I sent to the UniOS
Group.  It was in regards to a question "How's the UniOS server coming

The UniOS server is still beyond my control... in other words, I have
only user
level access, without any webspace (essentially it's just a shell server
now).  The owner of the server is VERY new to linux, and doesn't know
how to set
certain things up properly (like web access), and due to his extreme
schedule, I
cannot find time to sit down at the server (which is locked up tight in
a room
that students are shot if they step it ;), and do some modifications.
Hell, I'd
be happy to have an auto jump from the Xoom page to the new server, even
if it's
just an IP without a domain name.  But on a brighter note, the server
can feed
100-200K/s  which is way more than we need at the moment.

*Please note, I am being dead serious:  I was told that if I could HACK
system to get root access, I would be able to keep it... this is a
challenge to
anyone who is up to it.  I have a shell account on the system already
with user
level access, and I'll hand it over to anyone who thinks they can do
it.  The OS
is an "out of the box", Red Hat 5.2, without any security patches.
shadowing has NOT been implemented, and the passwd file is accessible.
I'll forward this to the Tunes people also, I think there are some Linux
in that bunch.  Keep in mind the sysadmin is not only *OK* with this, he
advocating it. You will not be sent to jail :)  The only condition is
that we
have to reveal how we did it (for future security).