I bought a new hard disk today!

dufrp@oricom.ca dufrp@oricom.ca
Thu, 27 May 1999 15:52:21 +0400

Well, most of you will say that this is not the place to say such
things, and I can just agree. :-)

However people that are here for a long time will better understand
why I say this. It is a 4.3G Fujitsu that will replace my good old
85Mb hard disk. I expect to install Linux Debian with CVS on it
during the next week.

I am still with rather old technology however (486DX-33, 8Mb, and no
CDROM, 14.4kbps modem) but I hope this means I will be able to
somehow clean up the mess I did by duplicating review project on the
wiki.  Wiki have not been the success story I was expecting. I was
expecting that the possibility given to everyone to add or modify
information would have been used by many, but clearly it seems that
updating the web pages is not seen as an opportunity, but just as a
dirty work to do. I was also believing that the easy way to organize
ideas hierarchically in Wiki would have replaced the mailing list
where ideas are read and lost forever (at least almost, there is
still the nice search engine on the archives of the mailing-list),
but I guess the off-line nature of mail and the not having to
worry on organizing ideas have made the mailing list the most popular
medium. Just choosing the appropriate mailing-list seems to require a
great effort. Somehow whats would be needed is organizing messages
in folders while reading them and have a way to share these folders
but I am not sure how it could be done.

So will we open a new mailing to talk Tunes in Lojban(not sure of the
name)? 50% joking...