[ANN] interp-c v0.1.1

Laurent Martelli martelli@iie.cnam.fr
13 Oct 1999 01:11:42 +0200

Dear Tuners,

I've reimplemented interp-tcl which had disastrous performances, in
C/C++. It's available at 


Other improvements include a command-line interface which is much more
userfriendly than the click'o drome of interp-tcl.

It is in a fairly *useable* state. I've even implemented integer
addition with lists of 0 and 1 :-). 

Future plan include adding AOP concepts in order to improve
performances, UI improvements and rewriting the interpretor in itself
so that we can apply the nice concepts of AOP to the interpretor.

I've even written a small tutorial so that you can understand how it
works without spending hours examining the sources :-) So if you a
have a few minutes to waste, I'd appreciate comments on it.

Laurent Martelli