Udanax ? (was Persist or not persist : comment)

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Thu, 21 Oct 1999 17:33:36 -0700

> From: Laurent Martelli [mailto:martelli@iie.cnam.fr]
> Subject: Udanax ? (was Persist or not persist : comment)
> >>>>> "Billy" == btanksley  <btanksley@hifn.com> writes:

>   Billy> Again I emphasise: _look at Udanax_.  It has possibilities
>   Billy> for version control like I've never imagined before.  It's
>   Billy> AWESOME.  And free.
> What's this ?

Remember Xanadu, the huge hypertext system Ted Nelson imagined but never
managed to finish?  Udanax = reverse(Xanadu).  Ted decided that being
proprietary had gotten him nowhere, and in fact had hurt the possibilities
of Xanadu being accepted (because although the WWW was nowhere NEAR as
powerful, it was sufficient for some things).  So he released the whole
thing, full open source with no restrictions.

Check out http://www.udanax.org for more info; http://www.xanadu.com.au has
probably the best info on related projects (you'll have to read about the
related projects as well in order to truly understand the possibilities).

Note that most of the Xanadu literature emphasises network stuff; I
emphasise using the same systems locally.  They mention that as well, but I
don't think they're expecting to actually have an OS which supports Xanadu
structures natively.

In general, Xanadu provides bidirectional hyperlinks which are stable
(moving text doesn't destroy the purpose of the hyperlink), independant (the
links don't have to be associated with either the data linked from or to;
they can be stored seperately), fine-grained (you can link to ANYTHING, from
including a single letter in a document to highlighting an object in an
MPEG4 movie), and highly and rapidly searchable (search on the basis of who
created the link, or who own the source document, or who owns the
destination document, or contents of the document containing the actual link

> Laurent Martelli