Where Tunes is going.

Tom Novelli tcn@tunes.org
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 18:45:17 -0700

My problem now is that I spend half my time dealing with half-assed
operating systems... I'm always downloading, installing, upgrading,
configuring, compiling... this is why my efforts are focused on building a
simple OS that doesn't get in the way of my programming.

Think of it as distilling... I'll throw away all the junk and end up with
a few small useful programs: hardware drivers, Forth compiler, assembler,
editor.  From there I can program whatever I want.  It took me over a
year, but I learned a lot.  I'll know my OS inside-out.. it won't be some
black box.

My advice for Tunes: start out simple, and don't aim for perfection! 
Experiment, jump right in there, don't worry about wasting your time
writing something you'll end up throwing out.  Let's face it, we'll have
to rewrite everything a bunch of times anyway, what's one more?  Finally,
quit arguing!  If someone starts with you, do us all a favor and ignore
them.  If you don't like the discussion stay out of it, you're not going
to change anyone's mind by flaming them.  You want something done your
way, do it yourself.  Enough said.

Tom Novelli