Laurent Martelli martelli@iie.cnam.fr
28 Oct 1999 07:13:44 +0200

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Little <jiml@inconnect.com> writes:

  Jim> Laurent Martelli wrote: Do you have any plans to update the
  Jim> documentation on your website?  Right now, there's not much
  Jim> information available.
  >>  I've just done this. The tutotial is available online. Feedback
  >> is welcome.

  Jim> I just looked at it, and the tutorial was a broken link.  

Woops. The link was mispelled. I hadn't noticed since I must have
mispelled correction module on my web server that works correctly when
accessing the page from my local network, but does not work from
outside because the local network name is used. 

  Jim> The "docs" link pointed to some documentation, but it wasn't
  Jim> really helpful... I'd like to see some high-level documents
  Jim> that explain the general concept and direction as well.

I'll try to add this in a near future.

Laurent Martelli