Philosophical musings: interpreting models

Laurent Martelli
05 Sep 1999 03:15:43 +0200

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Little <> writes:

  Jim> So it's important to know the limitations of a program's
  Jim> original metamodel.  And when modeling a new program, it's
  Jim> important to specify as little as possible (while still
  Jim> specifying everything necessary) so that metaprograms which
  Jim> operate on the model may have as much flexibility as possible
  Jim> to optomize the program for the user's current computing needs.

I fully agree. That's what I call abstraction. I believe this is the
key to portability and reusability. I think it can be achieved by
minimising the dependencies.

The program `` OUTPUT STDERR,"hello world" '' depends on STDERR and is
therefore less portable than `` OUTPUT "hello world" '', because it
will only run on systems with a STDERR.  

Laurent Martelli