Problem trying PHP3 on

Paul Dufresne
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 06:17:20 -0400

I was reading one of the tutorial from and decided
to test it on my account on tunes since it is supporting PHP according
to what Lynx tell me about the server.

I tried a very simple example to show: Hello World!, but it failed with:
Fatal error: Unable to open /serv/php3/~index.php3 in - on line 0
No input file specified.

I have put my test directly in index.php3 since I had nothing on my
webpage yet. I don't understand what is this input file it seems to

Maybe someone have some php3 example on that I
could learn from?

By the way, reading about XML I was telling myself that it would
probably make a less rigid framework to organize Review stuff, than
a relational database manager. By the way, Tril, are you still working
on something like this? How is it going? I did read php3 is supporting
XML, but I still need much more reading to know how.